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Before the Apocalypse: The Jonah Factor

A novel by Kepler Nigh

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Kepler Nigh has crafted a well thought out science fiction thrill ride that combines the elements of interesting new scientific and philosophical ideas with solid Biblical truth. Throughout the book I found myself thinking - "This could explain things that really happen!" (T. Badley)

About the Author

Kepler Nigh served for 23 years as a missionary in Ecuador where he lived with his wife Blanca and their three children. His travels have taken him throughout Latin America, including extensive visits in the Amazon region and in the Andes, where he often lived with the resident people. His experience with the native people of Ecuador adds to the believability of the sci-fi world of Book 1 of the "Before the Apocalypse" trilogy, as both primitive and ultra-high technological threads are woven into a plausible scenario.

He is also the author of "Manual de estudios proféticos," which was published in both Spanish and Portuguese by Editorial Vida (Life Publishers). In it Daniel and Revelation are studied extensively, and the volume was used in his classes at Quito Bible Institute, and at Cristo al Mundo (Christ to the World), coming from the fruit of over 15 years of investigation.

Since returning to the USA, Kepler worked as an Instructor of Information Technology at Hagerstown Business College (now known as Kaplan University) and as an Adjunct Instructor at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. He presently works managing all IT and computer networking for Cedar Ridge Ministries, and lives with his family in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Kepler has finished all three books of the "Before the Apocalypse" trilogy. Books 2 and 3 are in line for publication, but the publisher is awaiting a market before proceeding. So, if you wish to finish reading the trilogy, recommend "The Jonah Factor" to your friends!

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The All Seeing Eye and The Great Pyramid; Mars Brotherhood (designs by Keren Robinson).

Back Cover Text, "The Jonah Factor"

Everyone knows there’s no conspiracy to rule the world, right? Of course, only unstable people who belong to fringe groups believe in such things...

Or could there be a secret plan to control the world? Perhaps James Smith and Ashley Brown could inform you. Perhaps the Cosmokrators, the Skotoi, or Therion himself might be able to give you insight. Maybe you should read Before the Apocalypse: The Jonah Factor, and be enlightened.

Take a ride in a DEEP Unit, find your way through a strange land, and discover exotic technology as you race through the pages of this exciting novel. From the perpetual snow of Siberia to the snowcapped Andes, from the depths of the ocean to life in deep space, join James and Ashley as they seek to escape the control of their masters and find true freedom.

If you have ever wondered what happens in the sealed chambers of the richest and most powerful, how they maintain a global empire and how they manipulate governments and individuals, then the series Before the Apocalypse is for you. This first installment will allow you to see their hidden activity and sinister agenda. Discover the history of the rebellion that began on the plain of Shinar and will one day end in the valley of Megiddo. Find out through James and Ashley’s journey that there is hope and tranquility in times of great darkness and turmoil.

Back Cover Text, "Haven Quest"

In this second installment of the trilogy James and Ashley escape while agents of the New Order pursue them. Our heroes travel to a distant new home by sea, and by land as the powers of Terra Nova hunt them. They must hide from the penetrating search of DEEP Units (commonly called UFO’s) and not allow their new identities to be compromised.

Unintended consequences, and collateral damage cast a cloud over their flight to freedom as they seek a haven where they will be safe from the power of the Cosmokrator.

From outer space and ocean depths, the Cosmokrator’s Special Affairs Operatives work to establish their leader, Therion, as the sole ruler of all the peoples of Earth. James and Ashley realize that they must work to warn as many as possible of the veiled conspiracy to rule the world before it is too late.


Kepler Nigh has crafted a well thought out science fiction thrill ride that combines the elements of interesting new scientific and philosophical ideas with solid Biblical truth. Throughout the book I found myself thinking - "This could explain things that really happen!" (T. Badley)
The author was able to capture and hold my interest, You will find it hard to put this book down once you start reading. Very descriptive and not too far from reality. This would make an excellent Sci-Fi movie. I can't wait for the second book to be published. (Scot Gardner)
The Jonah Factor is very suspenseful and hard to put down. Kepler Nigh has a very special gift of writing. I can hardly wait for the second book in his series! Highly Recommended (William C. Yount)
This is a fascinating story with interesting twists and turns that take your emotions from one extreme to another. I love the book and highly recommend it for enjoyable reading. (Kenn Speaks)
Most of my childhood, my father worked on this book. In his free time, I remember seeing his best friend, Jerry & wife Debby come over for countless hours while my dad bounced ideas off of them. There were times when my sister Kim & I were playing 'house' that he would come & read excerpts from the book to us. Whether or not we fully understood it, we would always let dad know 'that's cool!' and 'good job, dad!'. Little did I know that years later, I would play 2 roles in the final stages of this book. (that of one last sort of 'proof-read' & another in the development of the conceptual art for the cover design) At one point, dad & I decided that we should give it one final read together before we sent it off to the publisher to have the final product put together. Even during that busy time of my life, between preparing to move & the beginning planning stages of my wedding; dad & I found time to sit down together & read. I found myself unable to put it down & most of the time, even if I would say, 'I probably only have time to read a couple of chapters' we would end up reading 3 or 4 that night. Late nights they were, filled with deep thoughts about the meaning in the words & laughter for the reason certain things had been written certain ways. I am slowly making my way through it again, re-reading everything for myself, for once. Not with the premises of reading to find mistakes and make corrections, or make any sort of suggestion, but to enjoy, to have a 'good read' as I like to call them.

And you know what? Even after all these years, this book STILL intrigues me. It was written then, for then and for now, for always.

My dad, his lifestyle, thoughts, ideas & things that made him who he is will always be reflected through this masterpiece.

For those of you who think I'm crazy, if you knew how picky a reader I truly was, you would know, it takes ALOT to get me to read a book, (unless it is of course Tolkien, C.S. Lewis or Frank Peretti) but if I really like it, I won't ever put it down until it's last & final concluding thought on the last page of the last chapter lets me.

:) Too bad this one has two others pending--I'm afraid I'll have to be on edge for a while...

Love you, dad! (Author's Daughter, Keren Robinson)

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